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The back of a Khimar

My Story


Life is beautiful and hard and when I was at my lowest, Allah called to me. I had been a nonbeliever since I was young. Hope and Faith were the farthest things from my mind as I navigated life alone, the weight of the world proved too much for me, and I thought this was it. This was the end of my road until I decided I was going to wear a Hijab and determine then how I would feel. I adorned the Hijab and I felt it, the change already, the power of Allah. He said to me, "Welcome home." and that was all I needed.

Wearing a Hijab for Allah is a feeling that no one can quite describe accurately, and wearing a hijab with a modest gown proves to be even better. 

I was determined to dress the way Allah had commanded of me and many others, but attempting to find hijabs, Jibabs, and prayer gowns proved to be a challenge in Boise. I felt in my heart that this was the calling Allah has for me so that I can gift the love and modesty of Allah to others like me in the Boise area that is not only affordable but accessible!

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